Joining a Gym? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Choose the Right

There are tons of gyms to join these days in even small to mid-sized towns. How do you pick an to join? After all, it’s pretty expensive, especially if there is a hefty up-front initiation fee and/or contract. Pick the best for you the first time around.

Here are the 5 steps and questions to help you pick the best to join you.

  1. What type of workouts do you do?

Joining a Gym? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Choose the Right

There are all kinds of these days – free weights-focused, machine-focused, cardio-centric, running clubs, full service, strip-mall circuit training, public centers, racket-centers, golf club-focused… you name it, you can sign up for about any type of

You need to think about what type of workouts you like doing. If you’ve never belonged to an before, do as many 1 week trials at around you as you can and see what you use and like. Get scientific about it and make some notes or charts. Consider:

Do you only use the cardio machines? If so, find an with the best cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes, etc.

Do you like the latest weight machines? Some invests in some pretty cool weight lifting equipment. Try it out.

Do you like fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, a running club, cycling classes, martial arts, etc? If so, see which offers the best classes. Make sure you check whether there are additional fees for classes.

Are you looking to play racket sports and/or golf?

Do you like swimming laps?

Do you like doing everything (like me)? If so, look for the best full-service

  1. How much can you afford?

Most memberships charge a monthly fee. Some charge an up-front fee and then a monthly fee. Another requires that you sign a contract committing you to an I prefer up-front and no contract.

IMPORTANT: almost every will negotiate terms to suit you. Do not accept the terms unless they work for you. The terms typically negotiated are up-front fees and contract length.

The monthly fee is what adds up over time. Expect to pay anywhere from $15/month (for a small retail circuit training facility) to $300 plus per month for a swanky, full-service urban Most cost $30 to $70 per month.

The way I look at is if I go twice a week, I’m getting my money’s worth. Usually, I go more often, but I almost always go twice a week.

  1. Do you like using the spa and other facilities at

Do you like using steam rooms, saunas, pools, hot tubs, etc.? I know this is a factor for me. These features help me unwind at the end or middle of the day. However, many people never bother with these pricey features. Are there other facilities you like such as studio space to do yoga or martial arts?

  1. Is conveniently located?

This is critical. Look for an that you will actually go to – whether close to home, work, or both.

  1. Women: do prefer a women’s only?

More and more full-service offers a women’s only area. There are also many strip-mall circuits training cropping up as well.

Joining a Gym? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Choose the Right

Don’t forget to give any olimpsport.comon your shortlist at least a 1-week trial run.

Most will let you try out the facility for free for one week at least. I strongly recommend you take them up on the offer and go there at least 3 times before making a decision.

Don’t sign up at 4 during the same week because you won’t sufficiently try out each sufficiently to pick an Dedicate one week to one Then the next week pick out another to try, and so forth.

Regardless of which you’re thinking of joining, you want to ensure it is clean (again, the 1-week trial run will help you notice cleanliness) and that the customer service is friendly and helpful.

If you’re not sure about picking and joining an, maybe you’re looking to establish a fitness regimen at home.…

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